Announcing the publication of “A Feast of Narrative, an Anthology of short stories by Italian American Writers, Volume Three”

“A Feast of Narrative Volume Three,” which has been published shortly after Volume Two, contains a very interesting amalgam of different stories and authors. What is common, other than their belonging to the same ethnic group, is the validity of their content and the message they send to the readers. Some stories are funny commentaries on social gatherings of some kind, wakes included, or heartwarming fables, while others address different topics with a more somber tone, such as the constant search for our roots, the worn-out emotions of illegal immigrants, growing up in a large city, the Covid19 crisis, and so on. Regardless of the topic, these writers prove that passion for writing is another element they have in common with each other. This is their message and it proves that having them together in this anthology is the proper decision.

This anthology includes stories by Cynthia Herbert-Bruschi Adams, Bill Aiello, Lucia Antonucci, Angelo Bummer, Maria Teresa De Donato, Debbie DiGiacobbe, Dave Di Lillo, Mike Fiorito, Cecilia Gigliotti, Joe Giordano, Thomas Locicero, LindaAnn LoSchiavo, Anthony Michael Malara, Maria Massimi, Steve Piacente, Paul Salsini, Marylouise Serrato, Stephen Siciliano, Mark Spano, John Suriano, Tim Tomlinson, Bob Trotta, Leo Vadalà, and Elizabeth Vallone.

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