Introducing myself… and the writer’s world.

I have been writing from forever, but time has been my major constraint since I always had a job (or two) unrelated to the writing world.  However, I always dedicated every free minute that I could afford without straining my family life to writing.

cover Sunny fornewwebsitedossenaMy early work was mostly technical since I operated in Italy as an export agent in the medical/dental field and wrote many articles and essays for dental magazines in Italy. I also translated a book on Botanics for medical use from Italian to English. I alternated the technical writing to poetry writing, mostly in Italian.

After I came back to the USA in 1987, my world changed. Meeting Leonardo Campanile again (I had been present at his wedding a few years before, when I lived in the USA, since I was a friend of his future wife) gave me the opportunity to write about any topics I wanted to, and I loved that. And so was born the new me…

OperaMyLovemagazineI have been the Editorial Director of L’Idea Magazine, a journal born in 1974, since 1990, and I have founded two other magazines, OperaMyLove and OperaAmorMio, of which I still am Editor-in-Chief. I was contributing editor of Bridge Apulia USA  (which after a few years became BridgePugliaUSA and appeared only online) and have written articles for more than one hundred periodicals. 

 I also was the co-founder of Idea Graphics with Leonardo Campanile (yes, it’s always him) and the company absorbed the two magazines I had founded besides L’Idea Magazine and Idea Publications, while creating a new Imprint, Idea Press, aimed at making the Italian American writers and Italian composers more known to the world.

 Since then, I have edited many books, both in English and Italian, and translated the content of all our music scores’ biographies, prefaces, and introductions from Italian to English. Most recently I edited an anthology of short stories by Italian American writers, of which I am proud for so many reasons, been the first of its kind.

I am working on many projects at the same time, although I despise multiple tasking, and each project will be announced on this site as soon as it is completed.

 I love animals, nature, opera (you could never tell), food (some people think I am obsessed with it) and red wine (possibly Barolo or Amarone), and despise any excess, other than the lack of sleep due to overworking on writing projects…

I hope I gave a picture of myself that makes the visitor interested in my books…




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