Here comes Berry!!! A new book by Corky DeYulio touches children’s hearts.

By Tiziano Thomas Dossena

Corky De Julio’s “Berry the Parrot” introduces Berry, a pleasant parrot who believes that he can have a better life if freed from his cage. The reality of a life where you have to fetch for yourself hits him soon enough in this wonderful story aimed at teaching children that every position in the world and in a society of any kind comes with certain responsibility and dues to pay. Furthermore, another lesson taught is that one should not judge just by appearance only, but by behavior, instead. Two lessons that will be easily absorbed by young children and that will help them understand their playing partners, and maybe even adults around them, a little more.

The approachable language and amusing interactions of the parrot with the various characters, along with the teaching concepts that are embedded in the story, make this book a wonderful choice for any young child, from the pre-readers (parents would have to do the reading, obviously) to the advanced readers.

Beautifully illustrated by Danny Jock and Dominic Campanile, this is the first of a series of books on the adventures of this delightful new character.