“Dark Secrets; The Tale Of A Shaman”, The Exciting Novel By Suzzanne Troiani Piccolo.

Review by Tiziano Thomas Dossena [L’Idea Magazine, February 7, 2016]

“Dark Secrets” is the exciting story of Kenda, a hybrid, daughter of a Native American shaman and a vampire, who learns to harness her unusual talents to claim her destiny: to fight evil on earth. Kenda’s parents, realizing that their child would be a powerful force, yet vulnerable to those who would wish to destroy her, make a protective amulet for their daughter, incorporating a mythical bloodstone, originally set in the handle of a dagger, believed to belong to St. Michael.

Dark Secrets Book Cover final_pageKenda’s mother, Angeni, dies soon after Kenda is born, so the stunning young girl knows little about her legendary mother and even less about her mysterious father, Braden, as she grows up in on Indian reservation under the care of her mother’s most trusted friend, Ashe. Kenda, having completed college, decides to attend a graduate program of Forensic Anthropology and Archeology at Hofstra University, without realizing she is following in her father’s footsteps. It is there that she meets Alison, a quirky, highly intelligent Goth who is also a witch and an unusual match for Kenda. The two bizarrely become close friends and “partners in crime”. The first Dark Secret begins to reveal itself when Kenda finds a letter hidden in a special compartment of a box her mother left for her. In the letter, written by her father, her origins are revealed. She realizes then that she is meant for something special. Soon after, more Dark Secrets reveal themselves in riveting developments that will bring Kenda and her friend across the globe in amazing adventures and take your breath away…

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