Sports on the brain: Baseball


Joe Soccoa’s book, “Sports on the Brain: Baseball,” is an interesting mixture of debates and facts regarding baseball, organized in a logical and pleasant manner, allowing the reader to absorb the notions and commentary while enjoying the fast pace of the book. “I debate sports because that is what I believe I’m good at,” writes the author in his introduction to this refreshing and new approach to book writing.
We certainly have to agree with him that he is good at debating sports, and in particular baseball, of which I finally understood a bit more, thanks to his explanations. The “Game of Baseball,” a complete description of the rules of this game, is followed by “Controversies of the Game,” a chapter touching a few topics, with an emphasis on drug use in that sport. The “Evil Empire” traces the Yankees history and their feud with the Red Sox, while “The Boss” comments on the legendary George Steinbrenner.
There are chapters on all the relevant facts of baseball, from the owners and fans polemics to the “Evolution of the game;” no major item is untouched. That is what makes this book a perfect blend of statistics, rules, commentary, debates and personal opinions. As the author states, “Baseball is America’s game. No matter where you may go, some will always have baseball in your heart.” Being that the case, it would be nice for even the sports-negated individuals to read this book and gain some knowledge about baseball, which could be used in casual conversations and who knows, may also turn them on to the sport itself.
We are certainly looking forward to the next title of this Sports on the Brain series.