Thanksgiving 2001

Thanksgiving 2001.

Thanksgiving 2001: there’s a lot to be thankful in USA…

The ghastly offensive of the soulless has left stunned, bewildered, sometimes frightened for the immediate future of our children. The new world that has arisen from the ashes of “Ground Zero” may be unquestionably viewed as more precarious by our youth. It also carries the seed of anxiety about the safety of our society as a whole. This is something that we Americans have not felt since the revolutionary times. We have endured all types of threats, both from nature and from men. We have feared the nuclear holocaust.

Until now, though, all these threats remained as such or were fought on external ground. This disturbing aggression has injected a “virus” in our system, with the hope, or the imprudent certainty, of our complete annihilation. Our system has survived it, though, and built its immunity to further assaults, restructuring itself, stronger ever more.

Terror has stricken, killing and maiming our citizens and the citizens of the world, trying to destroy not only USA, but also the economic basis that allow the modern world to function. This was therefore an attack on the type of civilization we are living in.

Our faults are many. We watch TV, movies and theatrical productions. We attend school until we like to, or can afford to. We don’t cover our women’s faces. We are free to express our opinions and we don’t think God wants us to destroy everyone else. We exist… No, my friends, terror has not won. Those activities continue and will do so until we think otherwise.

Thanksgiving 2001: there’s a lot to be thankful in USA…